"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complex simple...that's creativity"

                                                                          - Charles Mingus  

My Journey

I have had the privilege of leading the strategic communications teams at two Fortune 50 companies (Merck and UTC), a major university (Yale) and the largest health philanthropy in the US (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).  I bring a unique set of optics to solving complex communications and branding problems for both corporate and non-profit clients.

Over the past 35 years, I helped chart the course for:

  • United Technologies' award-winning campaign in the Wall Street Journal featuring full page homilies by Harry Gray;
  • Merck to be recognized as the Most Admired Corporation in America - for 7 years in a row;
  • Hybridon to establish antisense DNA as a new drug development platform worth over $100 million;
  • Purdue Pharma to navigate the OxyContin crisis with a 10 point plan to prevent prescription drug abuse;
  • Yale to burnish its reputation as a center of excellence for science, medicine and engineering, and
  • The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to be named by FAST COMPANY as one of the world's "10 Most Innovative NPOs."

I would welcome the opportunity to learn about your journey. If you want to take your enterprise in a new direction, please add me to your crew.

 - Robin Hogen, Chief Navigator